Young carer

Young carer

We deliver exciting programmes of activities during the school holiday periods after we received consistent feedback from young carers and their families which demonstrated the need for respite support during school holiday periods.

Our activity programmes give young carers crucial respite in typically isolating periods of time with fun and educational experiences. Every programme gets bigger and better, with the feedback proving inspirational in encouraging us to continue this type of work.


Frequently answered questions

What is a young carer?

A young carer is a child aged between 6 – 18 years who has a caring responsibility for a loved one they live with. Their caring responsibility will often be supporting a parent or sibling who has an impairment such as physical disability, mental health issues, substance misuse problems and / or other limiting conditions including terminal illness. Young carers are often isolated and encounter more barriers when trying to achieve positive things throughout their childhood.

Who are North Wales Young Carers?

We are an independent charity supporting some of the approximate 7,500 young carers across Wrexham, Conwy and Denbighshire.  We strive to reduce the impact on children who have caring roles, and help young carers have the same chances as other children their age. North Wales Young Carers is a sister organisation to Cheshire Young Carers who have been supporting young carers for over 25 years.

What support does North Wales Young Carers offer?

North Wales Young Carers offers support for young carers through regular respite, fantastic school holiday programmes and we have an extensive education support programme where we help schools to identify and work with young carers to improve their life chances and educational outcomes. North Wales Young Carers also have experience in delivering one to one support, helping families to access better support and improve their home life where possible. If there is a way we can support young carers or advocate on their behalf, we will always try to help where realistically possible.

How do I refer a child to North Wales Young Carers?

Referring to our service is easy, any young carer can access our activities and support! Simply fill in the attached form here.

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