Professionals and organisations

Professionals and organisations

If you work in the care sector, either for a statutory service or another 3rd sector organisation and meet a young carer who you think could potentially benefit from our support then don’t hesitate to make direct contact with us.

A young carer is a young person aged 6-18 who has a caring role, usually an adult family member or a sibling. This caring role often has a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing, their attainment at school and can often impact on their behaviour.

North Wales Young Carers provide respite for these children, works to build their self-confidence, improve their experience at school to encourage better academic attainment and generally provide a break from their caring role.

If you want an informal chat or to refer a young carer into our service these are the ways to contact us;

Telephone 0151 356 3176 to speak to a member of our Link Work Team


Pathways into our services

The initial information we need:

  • Name of young person
  • Area in which they live
  • Details of referring agency
  • Brief description of the caring role

This is what we will do

  • Assess the young carers needs
  • Create a care plan
  • Keep you in the loop

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